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Come Do Me Lyrics

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* - only available on the original LP 
replaced by "Pass the Bone" on the re-release 

Here I am loungin' at a hype party 
Then I see this lady with a hellafied body 
With a pair of bedroom eyes that were clocking The Genius 
Well, you see what I mean is 
She had the look as if she was attracted 
To me so what I did, I reacted 
In a manner to show that I was feeling the same 
Now check out the game 
I said lovely, I be The Genius and how ya doing? 
I'm on a chase and you're the one that I'm pursuing 
She said it's the pleasure Genius, I'm doing kinda fine 
But what's on your mind? 
I said 

Come Do Me 

I said sexy, where you live over yonda 
What's your name? 
She said it's Yolanda 
She said she knew me from back in the days 
And that I had her running on a wild sex craze 
I said now you're kinda big and well-developed 
And parts of your body just made my head swell up 
She said her feelings were so deep for me 
To the point where she wanted to sleep with me 
I said c'mon babe, I know you're jokin' 
She said if I'm jokin' you must be smokin' 
I said the only think I wanna be smokin' is your boots 
And she said "I hear ya troop" 
And just from that little bit of conversation 
It put my hormones into activation 
The whole thing just went to my head 
As I held her hands and said 
Baby, come do me 

Hey good looking how many times may I say 
That your gorgeous smile takes my breath away 
Your soft warm little voice is very pleasing 
And your tight mini-skirt is kind teasing 
Me, it makes me wanna do the nasty 
And you got the look of being very classy 
So go ahead and whip it on me 
As Latifah said,"gimme that body" 
So you see right there I desire you 
I'm not a pimp and I don't want to hire you 
Cuase that's not what The Genius is about 
Let my love slide in and never slip out 

Come Do Me Lyrics

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