The title of the song is an allusion to the 2nd level/stage of Part II of Final DOOM: "TNT: Evilution," created by id Software in the year 1996. The name of the 2nd level was in fact called, "Human BBQ," were at the start of the level, there is a "half-dead" man twitching w/ a half body over the fire, hung by a rope. Quite a gruesome scene, yet not so realistic so it's not truly frightening!! "TNT: Evilution," unlike all other previous DOOM games (or parts of a DOOM game) from the classic DOOM franchise -- is very intense because part of the summary for it says, "This time it's not about survival, it's about revenge." I even recall the description for TNT saying that on one of the moons of Jupiter where scientists were doing some research or something like that, a vessel which was mistaken for a supply of cargo, basically ended up as a devastatingly fatal accident. Demons started pouring out, manipulating the environment, corrupting anything in their way. It was all happening again. This takes place after Part I: "The Plutonia Experiment." In Part I, you are supposed to seal the last Hell-hole which leads to the Gate Keeper. If that can be done, then all the portals will be safe from demons ever spawning again. But that's IF it happens. Even then, there's no telling what other hell-spawn may be lurking in the shadows -- even if it's from a GREAT distance. Only Earth's top scientists and geniuses were able to seal every single Hell-hole BUT 1, and that's were the Marine comes in – YOU!! As the only person who has the slightest chance of being able to withstand such pain and endure such slaughter beyond your wildest nightmares ever imagined in the human eye, you will need to gather as much of your strength, wits, endurance as possible, in addition to saving up all your health and ammo for each weapon you possess in your own inventory. Such a scope to reach is indescribable; you'd have to SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT! AND NOW THE FINAL CHAPTER of the Classic DOOM franchise unfolds in front of your bare eyes: FINAL DOOM -- DOOM LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN IT BEFORE!!