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(Oo woh oo woh)
Little Girl, ya know who I mean, (Woh oo woh)
pretty soon she'll be seventeen, (Woh oo woh)
They tell me her name's Betty Jean, 
The ha, ha, Rock 'N' Roll Party Queen. (Oo woh oo woh)
Friday night and she's got a date, (Woh oo woh)
Goin' places just a stay out late, (Woh oo woh)

Droppin' dimes in the record machine, 
Ah, ho ho, Rock 'N' Roll Party Queen.

Papa, Papa, Pa, Oh no
Can I have the car tonight? 
Baby, baby, can I be the one
To love you with all my might?
Ay, ai, ai, ai,

Rockin' and a Rollin' little Party Queen
We're gonna do the stroll you my Party Queen, 
Ya know I love you so, hey Party Queen, 
You're my Rockin' (Rockin) and a Rollin' (Rollin') Party Queen.
I'm all alone
At the drive-in movie
It's a feelin' that ain't too groovy
Watchin' werewolves without you.
Owooo.  (Wolf howl)
Gee, it's no fun (No it's no fun)
Drinkin' beer in the backseat (No it's no fun)
All alone just ain't too neat (No it's no fun)
At the passion pit wanting you. (No it's no fun, no it's no fun)
And when the intermission elf moves the clock's hands
While he's eating everything sold at the stand,
When there's one minute to go 
'Till the lights go down low,
I'll be holding the speaker knobs
Missing you so.
Missing you so.
I can't believe it,
No no unsteamed windows I can see through.
Woh woh. 
Might as well be in an igloo,
Woh woh woh 'cause the heater doesn't work
As good as you. Baby come back, baby come back
We go together, like ra-ma la-ma la-ma ka dinga dading dong 
Remember forever, as shoo-bop sha-wadda-wadda yippity boom-de-boom 
Chang-chang ah changity-chang shoo-bop that's the way it should be wah oooh yeah!

We're one of a kind, like dip da-dip da-dip doo-wop a-doo-bee-doo 
Our names are signed, boogedy boogedy boogedy boogedy shooby doo-wop she-bop 
Chang-chang ah changity-chang shoo-bop we'll always bee ee like one. Wa-wa-wa-waah. 

When we go out at night, (out at night) and stars are shining bright, (stars are bright) up in the skies above (up in the skies above)
Or at the highschool dance, (at the dance) where you can find romance 
Maby, it might be love.
She bop she bop she bop she bop.
She bop she bop she bop she bop.
She bop she bop she bop she bop.
Shoo-bop sha-wadda-wadda yippity boom-de-boom. 

We're for each other, like a-wop baba lu-mop and wop bam boom 
Just like my brother is sha-na-na-na-na-na yippity-dip-de-doom 
chang-chang ah changity-chang shoo-bop, we'll always be together, together.

We'll always be together.

Grease Medley Lyrics

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