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It Hurts to be Strong Lyrics

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I used to think I knew them,
We were as close as people could be.
Whatever happened to them?
Better yet what's happened to me?
Did I cross some line by speaking my mind?
In my heart I know I'm not wrong.
I just never knew, it hurts to be strong!

I had a perfect childhood;
I always felt at home in a crowd.
I did the things a child would;
I sang along, but never too loud.
Then I made a choice by raising my voice,
Now I'm all along in my song.
Do you know how that feels? It hurts to be strong.

I know two plus two.
I know false from true.
I just don't know what to do
When bridges burn.
I guess you've gotta learn,
So I'll learn.

Maybe I've done some strange things;
Sooner or later everyone does.
I wasn't trying to change things;
I liked my life the way that it was.
But I can't conceal the way that I feel,
So I wind up playing the fool.
That's one of the things that you don't learn in school.

If I stand apart and follow my heart,
Will I ever truly belong?
It's hard to be sure.
It hurts to be strong.

It Hurts to be Strong Lyrics