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Ragtime Jim Lyrics

Album/Collection: JIM: The Musical
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My life’s a downbeat story,
A downright tawdry tale
My worst days were spent in agony
The best were spent in jail.

Orphaned at only four,
The choices that I chose
Simply placed me in bad company,
I raised a few new lows.

And then a sign from above
Put me in my place
I’ve really gotta hand it
To the helicopter that landed
On my face.

So they took me in, they fixed me up,
They did their best to save my health.
Worked like dogs to stitch my broken sides.
They had to unfold me, they had to re-mold me,
It was sad when they told me I wasn’t myself.
Indeed, there was only half of me inside.

Now I’m a burly android,
A motor with a mind.
I went to work for the store that saved me
Where my true mettle shined.

It seemed they needed me,
And now they need me more
To go find all the debtors and doubters
Who disrespect the store.

So now with the help of Mapes
I’ve turn my life around.
I’m a man who hunts to kill
I’m an android with the will
To track you down.

So now I use my metal mind
To take out all the moral trash
Cause I’ll do whatever it may be
I need to do to find my man,
And I always get the cash,
Using more extreme necessity.

When I was just a young boy, my father put me on his knee
And this he said to me:
“Your business is your business,
(And the one thing you’ll learn in this),
Is to be loyal, true, and free.


It seems some new punk kid,
Forces me to settle the score.
He thinks he’ll get away with our purse,
When I can get away with worse.
Can’t wait till he wins,
What I’ve got in

Ragtime Jim Lyrics