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First Transformation Lyrics

Album/Collection: Jekyll and Hyde
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I must be wise,
I must try to analyze each change in me,
everything I see.
How will it be?
Will I see the world through different eyes?

Like a warning light, glimmering in red,
like crimson bloodshed, shimmering in red,
beautiful and strange,
see the colours change before my eyes!
See how they dance and they sparkle
like diamonds at night ...
leading out of the darkness and into the light!

Three fifty-eight a.m. It is done. I have injected 5 centilitres of the newly fused formula. A slight feeling of euphoria. Light-headedness. No noticable behavioural differences.

Now the die is cast - nothing left to do,
time alone can prove my theories true.
Show the world ...

Dear God - what is this ...?

Something is happening - I can't explain -
something inside me, a breathtaking pain,
devours and consumes me
and drives me insane!

Suddenly - uncontrolled -
Something is taking hold
Suddenly - agony -
filling me - killing me!
Suddenly - out of breath -
what is this - is this death?

Suddenly - look at me!
Can it be?
Who is this creature that I see?!


First Transformation Lyrics

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