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Good and Evil Lyrics

Album/Collection: Jekyll and Hyde
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Good and evil
And their merits
Men have argued through history
As well they should
My philosophy
Any child can see
"Good is evil
And therefore all evil is good!"

How do you tell evil from good?
Evil does well - good, not so good
Evil's the one that is free everywhere
Good is the one that they sell!
You must decide which is heaven
Which is hell

Good men maintain evil's a curse
But it is plain good's even worse
Evil's the one that they tell you to shun
Good is the one to embrace
Say that and Satan will laugh right in your face!

The battle between good and evil
Goes back to the start
Adam and Eve and the apple tore Eden apart!
The key thing about good 'n' evil
Each man has to choose
Heaven 'n' hell
Is a helluva gamble to lose!
But as I peruse
This world we abuse
It's hell that we choose
And heaven must lose!

Evil is everywhere
Good doesn't have a prayer
Good is commendable
Evil's dependable
Evil is viable
Good's unreliable
Good may be thankable...
Evil is bankable!

Evil's for me - you can have good
Doesn't suit me to be Robin Hood!
It's easier by far, from the way that things are
To remain good 'n' evil
Than try to be evil and good! 

Good and Evil Lyrics

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