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Emma's Reason Lyrics

Album/Collection: Jekyll and Hyde
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Emma Carew, can this be you?
What kind of man is this you've taken?
Can you not see the kind of life
that this would be - you are mistaken!

Time to awaken before it's too late,
before you forever determine you fate!

But Simon, you knew: I had to be free.
What I choose to do is decided by me!

From the day my mother died,
My father, full of good intentions,
treated me as though I were a young child.
Maybe his idea was just to wait until I grew up
and then look at me and hope that I'd be her ...

It's easy to accept this from a father -
he'd rather things remained the way they were.
But when it comes to marriage,
I must pick whom I prefer!

I am not the weak young thing you're seeking, Simon,
someone seventeen, obedient and sweet.
I am not the protegee to waste your time on -
I'm complete!
In Henry's eyes I see what I am meant to be! 

Emma's Reason Lyrics

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