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Pursue the Truth Lyrics

Album/Collection: Jekyll and Hyde
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How can I pursue the truth
when they can block each step I take?

Henry, you have come too far -
remember what you have at stake!

John, I know I'm right!
I must let my vision guide me.
I'm so weary of the fight
There's so little left inside me!

If you know that you are right,
then you've got to see it through.
You've got to see it through!

Seven years ago I started out on this alone,
and it's alone I'll see it through to its conclusion.

Who are they to judge what I am doing?
They know nothing of the endless possibilities I see!
It's ludicrous I'm bound by their decision!

Seem vision is a word they've never heard.

If it mattered less,
I'd treat them with derision - it's absurd!

And yet the fact remains:
those bastards hold the reins! 

Pursue the Truth Lyrics

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