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Tough Love Lyrics

Album/Collection: Never Enough
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You got tough love on your side
And your eyes are open wide
A rebel with a cause
Where the sound tracks sirens
And wrapped around the well heart you hold
The mean streets won't catch you cold
Another story in the naked city
You got the cure
Where there's no pity

Well it's a soldier's battle zone
Take aim to prove you're not alone
No prisoners, no fugitives
And you're face to face with victory
Hearts like a world you come to say
The kamikaze pilot crashes
As a phoenix rises from the ashes

Tough love, you're hard to beat
You're worth the fight
It hits you where it hurts
Oh are you tough enough, tough enough
Tough love, you're hard to beat
You're worth the fight
Soul surrender to your heart
You're tough enough, tough enough

Take it up against the ropes
I've been there where you hold your hopes
Where the fires of passion
       burns the waiting heart
We can break the red tape hustle
Now that's my kind of muscle
The stamina to end the runnin'
The armor when the night comes gunnin'

To steal your eyes with blind ambition
Beat you down with competition
You got tough love on your side
When your eyes see red
And on dead-end streets
And hunger feeds the heart that beats
My one-to-one drum
Clears my way


Tough Love Lyrics

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