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Fuck A Bitch Lyrics

Album/Collection: Murderers & Robbers
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(feat. Juicy J)

[(Chorus) 16x]
Fuck a bitch, mothafuck a bitch

[Project Pat]
Man its the mack pimp never simp
play these bitches like a chimp-panzee
pass the fine ass bitch back to the
niggaro dick in hole down to they nut come
come some off her tongue then I have to break and run
back black to the bitch who was droppin off the cheese
never have I fucked her she is calling me a thieve
hoe say please and I have to make her say it all the time
never make love to the body only to the mind
half the time all these bitches want is a good nut
all the time they like sneaky shit and they kinky sluts
hit the butt from the back man but dont you ever eat her
when you dig these hoes right you become the pita leader
of the five of the niggas you know that she fuckin wit
two cause they got a car three for the bebe kids
so my nig when she wants to fuck tell much it'll cost
when you get that bebe crew check bitch drop it off

[(Chorus) 8x]
Fuck a bitch (bitch) mothafuck a bitch 

[Juicy J]
So pass the pussy pass the pussy
when I creep to your house bitch I'm bringing roadies with me
all these hoes think I care for them but they dont know the juiceman
once a bitch always a bitch love is just a pimp thang
fuck waiting for two months I want the pussy in a day
stuck a past dyke freaky bitch dont let your shit decay
I'm the type thats out for your cheese and your car keys
and write your shit and wool with may love bitch hit your knees
on the floor slob my knob until you see the prisher for 
a DJ Paul recorder scamcorder through the closet door
now you know the Juicy J dont put you hoes next it takes
I just take shit about my nig and say the things that might relate
to you hoes that turn too old bitch thought her pussy was solid gold
now she's a dyke I shoulda known muscle bound dont want no pole
now hear this I'ma tell you this if a nigga make it rich
fuck a girl fuck a woman fuck a freak and fuck a bitch 

[Chorus fading]
Fuck a bitch (bitch) mothafuck a bitch

Fuck A Bitch Lyrics

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