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Ballers : Outro Cash Money Mix Lyrics

Album/Collection: Ghetty Green
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(feat. 3-6 Mafia, Baby (Big Tymers), Hot Boys)

[Project PAT]
Man, why these niggas always hatin' on Hynotize and Cash Money? 
Man, fuck these niggas!

What's up wodie? It's these gold girll and these platinum-mouth boys
These big time Hot Boy$, these 3-6 boys, 
wit the self made millionaire Cash Money boys

You done fucked with the wrong nigga
Must they know that I ride and I shoot quicker
Should have known not to upset this lil nigga
You got a click so what nigga my click thicker
A bunch of real niggas that'll burn ya
With no waitin' catch ya slippin then jam ya up
Slangin' weight ain't no thang for me
Play by the rules
Or shit I'll kill yo' family
That's what I do
Bust ya chest wide open
And split ya fade nigga
And them all frozen
Moves from the 'K nigga
Turk don't play, when it's time to get serious
Think I'm a hoe keep it that way and stay curious

Niggas be shoutin' one love but wearin black gloves
Some niggas 26 and 28 still live in they mom house askin' for play
Them niggas shouldn't be respected, they fake
Instead of hittin' blocks with glocks and touchin' niggas money spot
And breakin' bread with the woman who put em in that spot
These niggas wanna trick they hoes
And play with they nose
Instead of totin' fo' fo's and movin' fuckin' kilos
Nigga I done bought more cars than niggas done bought pussy hoes
And bought more rims than niggas done fucked they main hoe in they assholes
3-6 told me to roll and unload
But nigga fuck that
I'm tryin' to stack and mack
And that deal with Universal shoulda showed that
But Uptown is where its at
Playboy won't you tell me how you luv that?
Won't you tell me how you luv that?

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
We be on some twanky twankies
Playa hatas get found stanky stanky
Trickin fat blunts of that danky danky
Big diamond rangs on our panky panky

Fuck with 3-6 Mafia gon' make me millions
Fuck with CMR gon' make me some more millions
I can see it, I'm a kill 'em
And build me and building
And put some money to the side for my mom and my children
Ridin' with my nigga Rambezee, to the easy
Drinkin' for my nigga Babyzee and B.G.eezy
Ducked off
Tinted windows on my candy apple cut dawg
It's a classy nigga fuck yall

[Juicy J]
I'm representin' Northern Memphis to the fuckin' fullest
We ain't the kind to tote a gun when there ain't no bullets
And when that drama starts the strap we expect to pull it
You see a nigga holdin gauge and you wish he would have
Rolled by yo' mama house and put her in a coma
Cuz niggas gone on that Hennessey and marijuana
And now we back up in the hood on a burner phone-a
In that game slangin' came to you blood donors
It's on, coward

[Lil Wayne]
They call me quick draw 2 pistols Lil Wayne
Champagne took my brain I don't think I just aim
Drop tops on a Z-3
Start shootin' like 3 burners
How come them try me
Never know me block burner
Better watch for lil shorty in black
Nigga get back
Bout to make my glock 40 click clack
Brrr kill it
It's yo Life
Spill It
Playin' with the realest
Pop fire like a skillet
Now nigga what the dilly
Highly influenced on Cristal
I'm warnin' you to clear the set because it gets wild
I be disguised as a mailman with a pistol
Then deliver him 50 shots and take his child

[DJ Paul]
Punk bitch I dare ya
I double dare ya step against this pot belly
Bitches they try to step to the ruler but they ain't ready
Weak ass them cowards try to make moves but I knock 'em out
2nd ones step yall need more help 2 barrels in his mouth
Face it when this shits fucked up you gotta deal with it
This is my game, live with it or get killed with it
These are my dice
This is my board I let you roll off
And how you gon' have ice when I cut your fuckin' water off


[Project Pat]
It's the project nigga roll back I own them bricks
Kickin' game with the Hot Boy$ and 3-6
B.G., Juvenile, Baby, Lil Wayne
North Memphis, Uptown, and we havin' thangs
AIn't no thang when ya come real ya gotta shine
I'm strapped with a glock 9, he ain't takin' mine
We in our prime puttin' in work players never rush it
Full of gin, fucking hoes, like I'm mad russian
A discussion amongst men means a power move
Is about to be made for a come-up fool
Slang that iron when you get in my business
Hypnotize, Cash Money, on the rise bitch

[Chorus 2X]

Ballers : Outro Cash Money Mix Lyrics

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