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Tourettes Lyrics

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All I can say about these lyrics is that your guess is as good as mine. I just
decided to give you mine.. :)

This song appears to be about a heart attack, but that's just my opinion. I
still have yet to figure out how the name tourette's fits or who is
referenced by the "your" in the first line..

Quoting [email protected] (who made the chord for this song):
"Anyway, the lyrics (according to the author) were screamed on the spot, no
lyric sheet here. Make what you can of them. The only thing I could discern
was `Cold heart` in the chorus. Good luck....."

Just so you know, I couldn't really make out the words in []'s so I just
guessed. Not to say the rest of it is right, either. :) If you have any
alternate words that would fit better, or could help me out on what this song
is all about, please mail me at [email protected] Thanks...

tourette's - Nirvana

Moderate rock..

Here's your enemy in my life
Get out, out of sight, of my heart
Will no [additive] of my heart
Pull hard, sever free, of my heart?



I don't care, I'm [afraid], it's [my heart]
[Clear all] effigy of my heart
Oh no! it's the fall of my heart
Oh no! it's the call of my heart



[Wring a knot],
Cold heart (7x)

Tourettes Lyrics

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