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Super Disco Breakin' Lyrics

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50 cups of coffee and you know it's on
     I move the crowd to the break of break of dawn
     Can't rock the house without the party people
     Cause when we're gettin down we are all equal
     There's no better or worse between you and me
     But I rock the mic so viciously
     Like pins and needles and words that sting
     At the blink of an eye I will do my thing
     Like a needle in the cartridge when the record spins
     Like diggin down deep in the record bins
     Everybody gettin down make no mistake
     Nothing sounds quite like an 8 0 8

     Money Makin Money Money Makin Manhattan
     Super Disco Disco Breakin'

     Sometimes I like to brag sometimes I'm soft spoken
     When I'm in Holland I eat the pannenkoeken
     I got the spice you bring the sauce
     You can kiss my ass you funky boss
     Now that you got what you want, you want more
     I'll be with the hammer and the nail at your door
     With these funky beats I be goin' head huntin'
     Shouts to my peeps let me know if you feel something
     I can give you all you need
     A little beat for the rhythm and some words to read
     Let me tell you now that's my favorite shit
     And when I got a new rhyme I just say it

     So Money Makin Money Money Makin Manhattan
     Super Disco Disco Breakin'

Super Disco Breakin' Lyrics

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