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Mullet Head Lyrics

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(Beastie Boys)

You're coming off like you're Van Damme 
You've got Kenny G, in your Trans Am 
You've got names like Billy Ray 
Now you sing Hip Hop Hooray 
Put your Dakleys and your stone wash on 
Watching MTV and you mosh on 
#1 on the side and don't touch the back 
#6 on the top and don't cut it wack, Jack 
Mullet head 

Cut the Sides, Don't Touch The Back 
Cut the Sides, Don't Touch The Back 
Cut the Sides, Don't Touch The Back 
Cut the Sides, Don't Touch The Back 

Shiny chrome rims never rusted 
Driving through the tunnel, you might get busted 
Never trusted, Mullet head 
You know you took that girl to bed 
Cruising 8th Street Saturday night 
Trying to find a head shop, looking to fight 
You've got that stonewash derriere 
Spike the top because the week-end is here 
You wanna know what's a mullet? well 
I got a little story to tell 
About a hair style, that's way of life 
Have you ever seen a Mullet wife? 
Yo, take a chill B, check out my Spillbee 
'Cause you don't know about the Mullet head 
Cruise in my Iroc, stonewash on my cock 
Got it like that 'cause I'm the Mullet head 
Put me on trial 'cause I'm worth your while 
Pass me the comb 'cause I'm the Mullet man 
Got The New York Post, read that story 
About Joey Buttafooco in all his glory 
They said he tried to freak it with a high school girl 
Pimpin' Amy Fisher to the rest of the world 
A real lover man, a real Cassanova 
Joey got horny and now he's over 
Amy got pissed, shot his wife 
Joey gest to jail for the rest of his life 
Cut the sides, and don't touch the back 
The back, the back...

Mullet Head Lyrics

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