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Wrathchild (Harris) 2:54 Lyrics

Album/Collection: Live After Death
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I was born into a scene
of angriness and greed
of dominance and persecution

My mother was a queen
my dad I'd never seen
I was never meant to be.

Now I spend my time
looking all around
For a man that's nowhere to
be found,
Until I find him, I'm never
gonna stop searching,
I'm gonna find my man,
gonna travel round

Cos I'm a wrathchild
Well I'm a wrathchild
Yeah I'm a wrathchild

Some say it shouldn't matter,
ain't nothing gonna alter
the course of my destination

But I know I've gotta find
some serious peace of mind
or I know I'll just go crazy.

Wrathchild (Harris) 2:54 Lyrics

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