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Some X Shit Lyrics

Album/Collection: Ryde Or Die Vol.1
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[left and right DMX parts simultaneous] 
Whoo whoo! Dog ni-gga 
Whoo whoo! Dog ni-gga 

Uhh, Ruff Ryders, WHAT?! 
Volume One, Swizz Beats (WHOOO!) 
Uhh, uhh, (WHAT?!) all aboard! 

If I thought y'all niggaz really wanted drama 
I'da been pulled out the armor, word to my momma 
I'ma -- hit y'all niggaz with somethin that you ain't never felt (WHAT?!) 
Hit y'all niggaz for frontin you caught up in that hell (WHAT?!) 
If I thought that half the shit that bitches said was true 
I'd be spitting lead at you, to dead your crew 
But -- if you know a bitch, you don't listen to that bitch 
You don't argue with that bitch, all you do is fuck that bitch! 
If I listened to all the snake niggaz that's runnin they mouth 
I wouldn't be in the crib, I'd be loadin up, to run in your house 
But -- you can't fuck with cowards, cause a coward'll be a coward 
He'll end up killin these cowards, and I'm not feelin these cowards! 
If I let the niggaz around my way tell me how to feel about me 
I guess I really, wouldn't be D 
But I'm the best that ever did it, the best at it because I live it 
How many niggaz eat it and shit it, you cats want it? Come and get it! 

[Chorus: DMX (repeat 2X)]

Grrr, ARF ARF, woo woo! 
Grrr, ARF ARF, woo woo! 
Tell me how you feelin now (WHAT?!) I know you illin now (WHAT?!) 
Tell me how you feelin now (WHAT?!) I know you illin now (WHAT?!) 

It's not like me to have my back turned to open places 
I wanna SEE it when it's comin, so I can open faces 
Open cases got me PAYIN to stay out of jail (WHAT?!) 
While these streets, got me to prayin to stay out of hell (C'MON!) 
Slipped, and I fell, got back up -- slipped again 
But no matter what it's been, niggaz never got a win 
It's a thin line I walk, everyday but I'm good with it! 
Project nigga all my life, but wouldn't say the hood did it! 
Knew what I was doin, everyday that I've been doin it (okay) 
Seein niggaz havin a good time, so I'ma ruin it (yeah) 
Fuck you, and fuck your man, both y'all niggaz is puss! 
Frontin like you out the jungle but ain't never seen a bush! 
When push comes to shove, whatever love we had take it witchu 
Now peep what I just said and see how long it takes to hit you 
Everybody knows you can talk all day (YES) 
But when it's on what you gonna do - walk away? (YES) 


Man, I told you I lock jaws, carry a glock four 
Close my eyes on y'all niggaz, the bullets'll watch yours 
Then I gotta open up another can of ass-whippin 
Y'all niggaz better pucker up, time for some real ass-kissin 
I'm a simple man, I lead a simple life, I mean simple like 
I don't need much to be aight, live off the land, eat atnight 
Handle whatever's comin when I get there, but I'm good (WHAT?!) 
Dismantle whatever's comin, y'all niggaz sit there and put up hoods! 
How my niggaz feelin? (GOOD!) How my niggaz like it? (ROUGH!) 
What my niggaz want? (BLOOD!) We stay callin niggaz bluff 
But if it's got to be, then it's gon' be, c'mon let's eat 
Whatever my niggaz want from me, is what my niggaz gonna get from me 
And if I ever.. let the words, of another nigga bother me 
I might as well.. let the sperm, of that other nigga father me 
But they know, like I know, the black Rhino 
Niggaz rippin through em and let the nine blow 
Nigga die slow! Oh.. oh oh!! 

[Chorus 3X]

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce 
What? Ruff Ryders, Volume One, the compilation 
DMX, Swizz Beats, uhh, double up 
What? Double up, y'all gotta feel us 
Y'all GOTTA feel us 
Rrrrr, ARF ARF, woo woo! 

Some X Shit Lyrics

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