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Blew Job Guitar Tablature
Blew Job by Blink 182
Guitarist: Tom DeLonge
Album: The Mark, Tom And Travis Show
Dif.: 1
Tabbed by Twiggy 5

Okay this is a stupid little song that Tom wrote a couple days before the concert, but it’s still a kool song and it’s the easiest thing ever...........

Oh yeah! Don’t forget to palm mute the whole thing


Okay that’s it and I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with it and you see Tom didn’t write that riff a couple days before the concert because that’s the verse riff of All The Small Things but as power chords, so Tom just wrote the lyrics a couple days before but who gives a ***.
Well anyways, if you have any comments, corrections? or suggestions email me at [email protected]
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