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More Than Anyone Deserves Guitar Tablature
Song More Then Anyone Deserves
Artist: LeAnn Rimes

{G} If I woke up {C} tomorrow {G} and my eyes could not {D} see
{G} In the mist, there would be {C} beauty
{G} Of a love you've shown to {D} me
Cause I've loved {G} longer, and {C} wider
{G} Deep blue and {C} higher {Am}
{G} Cause I've been {C} loved
{G} More then anyone {C} deserves

{G} If for tomorrow for some {C} reason
{G} Somehow I could not {D} hear
{G} In the silence there would be {C} music
{G} Of a love that's always {D} near

{G} And if I woke up in {C} heaven
{G} And could not feel your {C} touch
{G} Then I want to be an {C} angel
{G} And I'd love you just as {D} much


{G} I've been {C} loved {G} more then anyone {C} deserves
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