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Hey Jack Kerouac Guitar Tablature
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From: [email protected] (William Vaughan)

Here's my version of 10000 Maniacs "Hey Jack Kerouac".  During
the prechorus you can throw in some Chuck Berry 6ths (Listen to
the record to see what I mean).  I'll put them in the chord
chart, but I'm not going to list them in the song to avoid


CAPO on the first fret!!!!!!!  (ie E = F)

D6th(no 3rd) xx020x    A  x0222x
Asus2        x02200    A6 x0422x
E            022100    B  7x444x
Esus4        022200    B6 7x644x
G#m7         464444    E* x7645x

Intro D6th(no 3rd)  Asus2

Verse 1
E                                Esus4
Hey Jack Kerouac I think of your mother

        G#m7                               Asus2
And the tears she cried She cried for none other

         E                                           Esus4
Than her little boy lost in our little world that hated

And that dared to drag him down

Her little boy courageous

Who chose his words from mouths of

babes got lost in the woods

Hipflask slingin madmen

Steamin cafe flirts

They all spoke through you

Verse 2 (same)
Hey Jack now for the tricky part
When you where the brightest star
Who were the shadows
Of the San Francisco beat boys
You were their favorite
Now they sit and rattle their bones
And think of their bloodstone days

Prechorus 2 (same)
You chose your words from mouths of
Babes got lost in the woods
The hipflask slining madmen
steamin cafe flirts
In Chinatown, howling at night

Bridge (instrumental)

(B   E*) 3x   D6th(no 3rd)   Asus2

Verse 3 (same)
Allen baby, why so jaded
Have the boys all grown up
And their music faded
Billy, what a saint they've made you
Just like Mary down in Mexico
On all souls day

Prechorus 3 (same)
You chose your words from mouths of
Babes lost in the woods
Cool junk booting madmen
Steet minded girls
In Harlem howling at night

Instrumental bridge (same)

What a tear stained

shock of the world

You've gone away without sayin

Asus2         F
Sayin   goodbye
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