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Phantom of the Opera Sunset Boulevard Evita Whistle Down the Wind Aspects of Love Jesus Christ Superstar Cats Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat By Jeeves Song and Dance Starlight Express
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Hundreds of show, one location - Broadway Musical
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MIDI/MP3 Comments

Losing My Mind (Broadway Musical/F/Follies)
"Wow, whats up with the tempo?"

by jessica 2006-08-19

Phantom of the Opera, The (Broadway Musical/P/Phantom of the Opera)
"Oh my god, was this beautiful. Especially with the violin accompanyment at the part where Christine was vocalizing. A gorgeous take on an already-great song. It sounds almost exactly like what I have on my cd. Keep up the good work!"

by Christine 2006-02-20

Violet City (Video Games/P/Pokemon Gold)
"Go, Troy! I love the guitars in this! Thank god I can finally comment on some of the guys I've listened to on VGMusic.com. I like this MIDI so much! Keep up with the guitars ;)!"

by Anonymousia 2006-05-06

I'll Cover You (Reprise) (Broadway Musical/R/Rent)
"As stated in the first response, this IS the "I'll Cover You (Reprise)" from Rent, with the Seasons of Love them leadin."

by Stephen 2006-09-21

Battle Z (Video Games/D/Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 2)
"I love this midi"

by ggalla 2006-10-19
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