This is a MIDI Type 0 version of Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel, recorded from the sheet music found on the website This composition is out of copyright, so the copyright in the recording is owned entirely by me, Joe Sutton. You are welcome to distribute it as you please, so long as you distribute this file with it and do not charge for it. It was recorded in the sequencer Jazz++, obtainable for free at Some checking for mistakes was done using 'MAGIX Music Studio Generation MM', as this can show MIDI files as sheet music. A Yamaha PSS-590 keyboard was used, connected to an Avance ALS4000 sound card, on a 600MHz Pentium 2 computer running Windows 98 (Checking and mistake correction performed on a Windows XP system).

Apart from any inevitable mistakes, this recording is exactly as the sheet music, with the following exceptions:
>I have made no effort to take notice of any individual note marks (e.g. accents), because I do not know what they all mean, and suspect some are to do with which way the bow is pulled on a stringed instrument).
>Sentence marks have not been acknowledged
>All notes, except those in the 'Cembalo' section, are 1/12 longer than their actual length, to create a smoother effect, making the music sound more realistic. The exception is when they are immediately followed by another note at the same pitch, when they are the smallest possible amount shorter than their actual length to ensure they are played as a separate note.
>On the eighth and tenth bars (which are identical) from the end in the treble cleft of the 'Cembalo' part, there are two adjacent crotchets, one of G and the second a chord of A and D. These make the bar five beats long, so I assumed they were meant to be quavers, and recorded them as such.
>The last notes in all parts are supposed to be crotchets, but I have made them minims because I think that makes the ending sound much more impressive.

I have used the following Jazz++ levels for volume:
pp - 72
p - 80
mp - 88
normal - 96
mf - 104
f - 112
ff - 120

And I have used the following GM (General Midi) instruments:
Violino I - 41- Violin
Violino II - 43- Cello
Violino III - 51- Synth Strings1
Violinocello - 50- Slow Strings
Cembalo (treble) - 7- Harpsichord
Cembalo (bass) - 7- Harpsichord

Enjoy listening, and if you like it or spot any mistakes, please email me at [email protected] I would love to hear from you!

Joe Sutton, November 2008.

Release 1