A remix/combination of the versions of "Your Fault" on HamieNet... but with emphasis on the vocals. One version has a wonderful orchestration--but no vocal..... another has the vocal--but all sequenced to one voice...still another included "Last Midnight". I downloaded, imported, mixed, combined, copied, pasted and came up with this. I had no printed music to follow or use as a guide so please forgive any blatant errors or liberties I may have taken. And for my own "entertainment", I separated the voices... Jack=Trumpet, The Baker=Bassoon, Red Ridinghood=Flute and Cinderella=Glockenspeil... plus I added various effects to the voices (especially for The Witch's grand exit at the end of "Last Midnight") which will (hopefully!) make the song more enjoyable to the listener. Get a copy of the lyrics from http://libretto.musicals.ru/text.php?textid=172&language=1 and follow along--it's fascinating to read and hear the marriage of words and music of Stephen Sondheim. My thanks to the other sequencers who provided me with the "raw materials" to create this file.