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The Wing and the Wheel Lyrics

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The Wing and the Wheel
Nanci Griffith

The wing is the wheel
Well they carry things away
Whether it's me that does the leavin'
Or the love that flies away
And the moon outside my windows
Looks so lonely tonight
Theres a chunk out of its middle
Big enough for an old fool to hide

Where are all the dreamers
	That I used to know?
We used to linger beneath street lamps
With our halos in the smoke
The wing is the wheel
Come to carry them away
Now they all live out in the suburbs
Where their dreams are in their children at play

There's a pale moon in the east
All the stars are in the west
Oh, here's to all the dreamers
May our open hearts find rest
'Cuz the wing and the wheel
Are gonna carry us along
And we'll have memories for company
Long after the songs are sung

The Wing and the Wheel Lyrics

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