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Zingor Lyrics

Album/Collection: Space Ghost's Musical Bar-B-Que
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Like a moth to a flame
I will call out her name
Zingor, Zingor, Zingor
I've got ants in my pants
As I do the mating dance
For Zingor, Zingor, Zingor

Green is the color of my true lvoe's exoskeleton
She only has a thousand eyes for me
She's coo coo!
Our ancient love will survive
The scourge of mankind and evolution
Come on, mama!
Bring it on home to Z!

Hey, waiter
What's the poop?
There's a fly in my soup
Reminds me of...Zingor
Wherever you are, baby, remember:
Vigazo beano laga
Vigazo beano cous cous
That means: I don't get mad. I get even.

Zingor Lyrics

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