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Springfield Soul Stew Lyrics

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Marge:  A-hmm.  Today's special is Springfield Soul Stew.
        We sell so much of this, people wonder what we put in it.
        Well, we're gonna tell ya right now.
        Hmm-hmm.  Gimme about a half a teacup of bass.
        Now, I need a pound of fatback drums.
        Now, gimme four tablespoons of boilin' Springfield guitar;
        This is gonna taste alright.
        Hmm.  Delicious.
        Mmm.  Now just a little pinch of organ.
        Now, gimme half a pint of horn.
        Place on the burner, and bring to a boil.
        Yep.  That's it, that's it, that's it, right there.
        Now beat.  Well, take it Lisa.
        Ooh.  Thank you.
        Mmm.  Now, let's take it on home,
        'Cause we gotta go home.
        That's my girl.

Production Notes:
        Produced by John Boylan
        Lead Vocal: Marge
        Keyboards, Programming: John Capek
        Synclavier: Brian Mendelsohn
        Tenor Sax (Lisa): Tom Scott
        Guitar: Andrew Gold
        Drums: Michael Botts

        Recorded at Lion Share Studios, West Hollywood
        Engineers: Guy DeFazio, Paul Grupp
        Mixed at The Complex, West Los Angeles
        Engineer: Mike Guzauski
        Assistant: Brett Swain

        Written by Curt Ousley and Published (c) 1967 Warner-Tamerlane
                Publishing Corp. BMI
        Original Title "Memphis Soul Stew"

Springfield Soul Stew Lyrics

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