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Moanin' Lisa Blues Lyrics

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Lisa:   I've got a bratty brother,
        Who bugs me every day.
        This morning my old mother,
        Gave my last cupcake away.
        My dad he acts like,
        Like he belongs in the zoo.
        I'm the saddest kid,
        The saddest kid in Grade number two.

        I wish I had a pony,
        I wish I were eighteen,
        I wish I had a dime
        For every kid who treats me mean.
        They tease me 'cause I'm diff'rent,
        Little diff'rent from the rest, oh yes.
        Well, I'm down so low,
        If I cheered up, I'd still be depressed.

        The saxophone's my best friend,
        I play all over town.
        But when I practice in my room, I hear
Homer:  Lisa!  Keep it down!
Lisa:   Although I'm only eight years old,
        I've really paid my dues, it's true.
        That's why I've got a case of,
        A case of the Moanin' Lisa Blues.

(Guitar solo)

        I wonder how I got here,
        I wonder what I'll be.
        The saddest little twig
        On this crazy family tree.
        I feel like I'm a loser,
        With nothing left to lose.
        That's why I've got a case of,
        A case of the Moanin' Lisa Blues.

        Oh there's just no postponing,
        A case of the Moanin' Lisa Blues.

(Saxophone solo)

(Harmonica solo)

(Saxophone solo fadeout)

Production Notes:
        Produced by John Boylan
        Associate Producer: Jai Winding
        Lead Vocals: Lisa
        Additional Vocals: Homer
        Guitar: Kevin Dukes
        Slide Guitar: Joe Walsh
        Bass: Bob Glaub
        Keyboards: Jai Winding
        Programming: Jai Winding, John Boylan
        Drums: Michael Botts
        Harmonica: John Sebastian
        Baritone Sax (Lisa): Doug Norwine
        The Tower of Power Horn Section:
                Trumpet: Greg Adams, Lee Thornburg
                Tenor Sax: Steve Grove, Emilio Castillo
                Baritone Sax: Stephen Kupka

        Recorded at Lion Share Studios, West Hollywood
        Engineers: Guy DeFazio, Paul Grupp
        Mixed at The Complex, West Los Angeles
        Engineer: Mick Guzauski, Paul Grupp
        Assistant: Dave Levy

        Written by Mike Reiss / Al Jean / Jai Winding / John Boylan and
                Published (c) 1990 Fox Film Music Corp / Gracie Films Music /
                Hubba Bubba Music / Great Eastern Music, BMI / TFC Music
                Publishing Inc. / Dobbs Music ASCAP

Moanin' Lisa Blues Lyrics

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