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Alexander's Bag-Pipe Band (10 Feb 1912) Lyrics

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["Words and music by E. Ray Goetz, Irving Berlin and A. Baldwin

[1st verse:]
Last week when Alexander McIntosh
Returned from a trip to Yankee Land
He got a half a dozen pipers with their bag-pipes
And organized a band
He brought back with him a Yankee tune
That was written all about a coon
Now he's playing it
Crowds hurraying it
Because he plays it grand
You understand
You understand
That's it a bag-pipe rag-pipe band

Come on and hear the bag-pipes raggin' up a tune
In Alexander's bag-pipe band
Come on and see McPherson acting like a coon
In Alexander's bag-pipe band
Sandy McGregor is a ragtime Scot
Come see him do the Hieland Turkey Trot
The only ragtime Scotchman in the land
Come on and see the lassies kicking up their kilties
When they do a ragtime fling
Come on and hear the pipers play a Scottish rag
And hear the crowds begin to sing
Should auld acquaintance be forgot on the Swanee River
Come on along and take your lassie by the hand
To Alexander's bag-pipe band

[2nd verse:]
Ragtime was never meant for Scotchmen
Just the same, Mister Alexander knows
Just how to play it till you feel as if a highball
Was going to your toes
Come and hear the lassies all declare
Hoot man, Sandy, it's a Hielan' Bear
On the heather 
They dance together
With a Yankee Ragtime air
Come on along
Come on along
You'll see the Scotch Bonbuddy's there

Alexander's Bag-Pipe Band (10 Feb 1912) Lyrics

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