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Nose Goblins Lyrics

Album/Collection: You Eediot
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(Chris Reccardi)

If you look under chair
Or in your sister's hair
I tell y'all better beware
At what you're gonna find in there

We's a half inch tall and green
Short sticky and mean
We can make your teacher scream
'Cause we're the ugliest gang that you ever did see
Noooose goblins
(We're the nose)
Noooooose goblins
(Nose goblins)

People say we're gross
'Cause we were born inside your nose
But it was crowded back in there
We had to share with a nostril hair


So roll us in a ball
Or wipe us on the wall
But don't call us goobers or snot
'Cause we're the nose goblins that's what


Nose Goblins Lyrics

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