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Captain's Log, Space Madness Lyrics

Album/Collection: You Eediot
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(Tom Armbruster/Chris Reccardi/Jim Smith)

Captain's log. Cadet Stimpy and I have been stranded on the planet
Baldknob for the last thirty-six years. Our supplies are dangerously low
and we've had to breathe ammonia these last eighteen years. Fortunately,
we had to eat what was left of the ship. Aaahh, at last the voices have
stopped for awhile. But I suspect I can no longer turn my back on Cadet
Stimpy. The rigors of space travel have somehow twisted his mind. He's
gone crazy. He's got the space madness!!

They think I am crazy 
But I know better
It is not I who am crazy
It is I who am mad
Didn't ya see the crowds
You can't take it from me now
I've had this ice cream bar since I was a child
People always trying to take it from me
Why won't they leave me alone?

Captain's Log, Space Madness Lyrics

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