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Tourette's Lyrics

Album/Collection: From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah
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Thanks to Moreorles2@comcast.net for correcting these lyrics.

[After habitually listening to this cd on repeat for 8 hours, i have been able to decipher kurt's lyrics to every song (including the songs that don't have lyrics) this being the most controversial i had to turn it up reeeeeal loud and put my ear right on the speaker. Hence, effort vies.]

Trends change just too fast-In my eyes
Oh no thats O. K.-Phone home
Venders seem just to sell-In my eyes
Every day, everything-In my eyes

Aye (3x)

Every time its on a chain-In my eyes
Everything tends to seem-Full blown
In a mound, at the town-In my eyes
Keeps it in, that's a sin-In my eyes


Try it's sound something found-It ain't us
Round down, in the town-Go home
Wound down, that is mine-I mean ours
Every taste something fake-Gross

Aye (3x)

Mean heart
Mean hearts
Mean thoughts
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee are

Tourette's Lyrics

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