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The Update Lyrics

Album/Collection: Ill Communication
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(Beastie Boys/Caldato/Nishita) 

     I can hear the trumpets blowing screaming out the end of time
     Look around and listen and you'll see every sign
     The waters are polluted as the forests are cut down
     Bombing and drilling deep below ground
     Check the prophecies from around the world
     And look around now as it all unfurls
     Look into yourself and see what goes on
     Get a feeling in your heart of the right from wrong
     Because the mother earth needs to be respected
     Been far from too long that she's been neglected
     Race against race, such a foolish waste
     It's like cutting off your nose to spit your face
     And at the end of the wars, what was the cost
     It's clear that the earth was the one who lost
     We are one with her as she is one with us
     It's unreal how she is treated so unjust
     As our planet grows smaller each and every day
     Everyone affecting everyone in every way
     We're all citizens of the worl community
     All here together and we're searching for unity
     Over the years, I've grown and changed so much
     Things I know now years ago, I couldn't touch
     There are things I've done that I wouldn't do again
     But I'm glad that I did 'cause I've learned from them
     I just try to stay present right here, right now
     No worries, no fears and without any doubts
     It's about time

     'Cause in these times, these changing times
     A transition is occuring and I am not blind
     As the pendlum swings a new age we enter
     And with every swing, it draws closer to the center
     Yes the storm before the calm and the wars that lead to love
     Things must run their course so we push and we shove
     But we're here to work it out in one way or another
     To find a mutual respect for ourselves and one another
     And the true key is a trust in self
     For when I trust myself, I fear no one else
     I took control of my life, just as anyone can
     I want everyone to see it's in the palm of your hand
     The past is gone, the future yet unborn
     But right here and now is where it all goes on
     I know we can fix it and it's not too late
     I give respect to king and his nonviolent ways
     I dream and I hope and I won't forget
     Someday I'm going to visit on a free Tibet
     Someday I'm going to see us all joined as one
     And it would be too bad to blow it up before we're done
     'Cause we long behind the rage learning from the pain
     The love behind the tension like the sun behind the rain
     I'm sending loving light to all that is
     To all creation and the life we live
     I'm not preaching bull shit, just speaking my mind
     'Cause I'm here now and it's about time

The Update Lyrics

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