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Flute Loop Lyrics

Album/Collection: Ill Communication
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(Beastie Boys/Caldato) 

     So, just sit back and max and relax
     Off tracks that I kick, come on and give it up
     'Cause I get funky like diaper rash
     And You know i'm mad spunky and i'm making cash
     I've got sex rhymes like Victoria's got secrets
     To all you porno peepers who are trying to peep this
     I'm like Al Goldstein, I'm all about screwing
     Lead my team to sixty wins like my man Pat Ewing
     Like getting shot out the barrel of a wave
     Like virgin pow on the peaks of A.K.
     Like a sound that to the depths of the soul
     Well that's the feeling that I make my goal

     A little wine with my dinner so I'm the grape ape
     I feel like a winner when I make a mix tape
     Because I get ill when I'm on the pause button
     And I get my fill and you can't say nothing
     More soul on this train then Don Cornelious
     Got the mad subwoofer pumping bass for your anus
     Just getting on the mic at the monthly function
     Wires hitting switches connecting at the junction
     Perlman's got beats and it ain't no secret
     Dante found his shit but you know he freaked it
     And so the story goes on and on
     Down in S.D. 50 'till early morning

Flute Loop Lyrics

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