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Do You Lyrics

Album/Collection: Get It On...Tonite
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Background Vocals: Eritza Laues 

Baby, what do you do when I'm not there
It's a question's been on my mind
I mean, you know I'm coming
But before I get there
Tell me, do you

Do you play the music low and burn your candles 
Do you touch yourself pretending that you're me
Do you think of me touching things inside you
Do you wish your hands were my hands making you scream
And oh baby

1 - Do you, do you think of me
Do you wish I were there killing you softly 
Do you, do you still close your eyes
Every night and fantasize
Baby tell me, do you

Do you lick your lips remembering how it tasted
Do you miss the tender kisses down below
Do your fingers do the walking when
You hear our favorite song again
I wanna know how do you please yourself
When you are all alone
Do you

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Tell me what do you do when I'm not there
Do you massage your own body
Do you wash your own hair
Do you caress your own thighs
Do you get yourself off
Do you feel sexy when you close your eyes
I wanna know

Repeat 1 while:
When you look in the mirror
Do you see that sexy body
Do you have the same admiration that I have
It's like I can see right through you, yeah
See, I've studied to learn everything that gets you horny
And nobody knows you better than you
You can show me, you can teach me
I'm willing to learn
Every little thing
I'll take you there, I promise
It'll be good
Yeah, see no one does it better, babe
And you're a good teacher
Yes you are, so

I'll be there in a little while

Do You Lyrics

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