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Going Back To Georgia Lyrics

Album/Collection: Flyer
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Oh the city snow makes your brown eyes shine
We've gotta look real hard to find a reason to cry
New York, New York is a friend of the travelling kind

And I'm coming around from years of hard times
He's chased me down through the towns and the miles
Once stilled by love he was bound to roll on by

 And if you feel my love won't leave you
 And if your sorrow has been your share
 If you are travelling back to Georgia
 Won't you take me with you there
Well I'm long gone darlin', lonesome blue
I been thinking of leavin', I been thinkin' of you
But that big city singin', man, I like the way that it shines

I was half a mile from Canada waitin' on a train
Wonderin' and wishin' I could disappear again
I been killed by love till it takes me to the end of the line

(repeat chorus)

Well, I've been troubled by a love untrue
He's a fool who'll drown in his fountain of youth
I can see that now as I'm walkin' and talkin' with you

Well, I been blinded by the sun, washed in the rain
Scattered in America, I'm scatterin' again
But if you're goin' south darlin' I guess I'm travellin with you

(repeat chorus twice)


Take me with you...
Oh... won't you take me home

Going Back To Georgia Lyrics

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