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2 Way Lyrics

Album/Collection: The Life
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This is for all you who are connected with 
The two-way. Ya heard?

It's a two-way street, it a two-way door
It's a two-way life (Pick it up and two way me)
It's a two-way sky it's a two-way tel
It's a two-way life, pick it up girl and hit m

Girl it's so easy, it ain't as hard as you trying
To make it seem
All you gotta do is pick it up, compose a
Message straight to me
I won't hear your voice but all you thoughts,
That's what I sure will se
Go to and push them key, and tell me 
All of them freaky things

(Now you got some choices to make, you got
them colorful girl one,
you got them black ones, platinum ones:well me?)
I prefer that platinum thing, to go with all my 
platinum chains
Plus it's hot to death I figure, plus I'm just 
That platinum nigga

If it's dark light it up, put 'em up. Put 'em up
If it's closed, flip it up, in the club, beam me 

I got mine on vibe, so if you get me, I'll feel you
I'll call you back real quick, no lie better yet,
I'll just reply


I'll be within reach baby, I'll be right at your 
Beck and call
Even if I'm with the fellas, or kickin it down at 
The mall
Just type what you wanna say, go down to the 
send and hit it
All your wants will be fulfilled, 'cause I'll get it 
In just a minute
( Yo , I want ya'll to know though, it ain't no lock 
on this joint
So, if you not careful, you might get himmed 
up knawmean)

I recommend if you play the game, don't think 
She won't do the same 
If you a playa know when to fold, the game is to be told, 
not to be sold

If it's dark light it up, put 'em up. Put 'em up
If it's closed, flip it up, in the club, beam me 

Now I got mine on loud, if you get at me I'll
Hear you
I reply back quick it's true, betta yet I'll just 
come to you

2 Way Lyrics

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