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4321 Lyrics

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[Redman] Hahh [Method] hah 
[Method] Yeah [Redman] yeahhh 
[LL Cool J] Make it butter 
[Redman] I'm gonna Bankhead bounce! 
[LL Cool J] No doubt 
[Redman] Aiyyo watch yo mouth! 

[Redman] Aiyyo, one two three four five six seven 
Blaze the hot 
[LL Cool J] trizack that sound like heaven 
Seven six five four three two one 
My mon Meth-Tical come and get some 

[Method Man] 
Playin my position, hot Nixon 
This one, for all the sick ones, confliction 
Posionous darts sickening, best believe 
finger itchin with two broke legs, now I'm trippin 
on MC's cliche, shot that ricochets 
start trouble bust bubbles, hip to wicked ways 
Gotta love me, G-O-D no one above me 
Look good but fuck ugly, tap your jaw 
from my punch, watch your son and you 
Got you shittin in your last Huggie, runnin who? 
Fuckin punk, get a speed bump comin through 
A single shot make your knees knock, respect Wu 

Aiyyo I put it on a nigga, shit it on a nigga 
Turnin Christian to a certified sinner 
The bomb I release, time pent up (explodes) 
While you got set up I was hittin your ex hoe 
Shit I kept low, petro' your metro 
Politic, keep the chickenheads gobblin 
Shit I'm drivin in, come with funk halogen 
Terrorize your city, from the spliff committee 
Kick ass till both Timberlands turn shitty 
Gritty, smack the driver's head in the chin see 
When I approach rappers be takin notes 
I drop like I shoulda invented the raincoat 
Absolut, I love to burn to the roots 
I keep comin til your pour sperm from your boots 
Vigilante hardcore to the penis 
Tell you fuck you my attitude is anemic 

I'm the illest nigga alive, watch me prove it 
I snatch your crown witcha head still attatched to it 
Canibus is the type who'll fight for mics 
Beatin niggaz to death and beatin dead niggaz to life 
When you look at me long enough, I start to read your thoughts 
if the signal was strong enough, and then I'll call your bluff 
like, "Yo, how many rhymes you got?" I think I'll go on 
for more Milleniums than Mazda's got on the car lot 
And there's nowhere to run ta, when I confront ya 
Nigga, I call your bluff like you had a phone number 
Who wanna see Canibus get wild, who wanna act fly and 
get shot down with a surface-to-air missile 
I take em on in all shapes sizes and forms and spit on 
anybody who ain't close enough to shit on 
Zero to sixty? I'm already doin a hundred 
when I'm blunted and I give it to any nigga that want it 

Stay out the dark, cause if I catch you when the sun is down 
Run it clown, come up off that, or I'm gon' gun it down 
When in doubt, however skull goes, it's gon' be that 
See that, that shit'll finish you dawg, believe that 
Where we at, do your value your life, as much as your possesions? 
Don't be a stupid nigga, learn a lesson 
I'm gon' get you either way, and it's better to live 
Let me get what's between your sock, cause it's, better to give 
than receive, believe what I say when I tell you 
Don't make me put your somewhere where nobody'll smell you 
And when the lights is out, they don't come back on 
This ain't a flick you ain't gon' come back on, you ain't that strong 
You knew it was wrong, but you asked for it baby 
You'se a pink nigga, ski mask for it baby 
so I can hit you up on front teeth, you think I'm sweet? 
Want heat? One deep, leave him behind, front seat 

[Redman] Aiyyo, one [Meth] two [Red] three [Meth] four 
[Red] five [Meth] six [Red] seven 
Blaze the hot trizack 
[Method] Shine like heaven 
Seven [Red] six [Meth] five [Red] four 
[Meth] three [Red] two [Meth] one 
[Redman] Come on Mr. Smith, come get some! 

[LL Cool J] 
When young sons fantasize of borrowing flows 
tell little shorty with the big mouth the bank is closed (yeah, word up) 
The symbol on my arm is off limits to challengers 
You hold the rusty swords I swing the Excalibur 
How dare you step up in my dimension 
Your little ass should be somewher cryin on detention 
Watch your mouth better yet hold your tongue 
I'ma do this shit for free this time this one's for fun 
Blow you to pieces, leave you covered in feces 
with one thesis ("LL Cool J is hard") 
Every little boy wanna pick up the mic 
and try to run with the big boys and live up to the real hype 
But that's like pickin up a ball, playin with Mike 
Swingin at Ken Griffey or challengin Roy to a fight 
Snappin, you ameteur MC's 
Don't you know I'm like the Dream Team tourin overseas 
For rappers in my circle I'm a deadly disease 
Ringmaster, bringin a tiger cub to his knees (uhh) 
In the history of rap they've never seen such prominence 
Your naive confidence gets crushed by my dominance (word up) 
Now let's get back to this mic on my arm 
If it ever left my side it'd transform into a time bomb 
You don't wanna borrow that, you wanna idolize 
And you don't wanna make me mad nigga you wanna socalize 
And I'm daring every MC in the game 
to play yourself out position, and mention my name 
I make a rhyme for every syllable in your name 
Go platinum for every time your grimy ass was on the train 
Watch your mouth don't ever step out of line 
LL Cool J nigga, greatest of all time 

4321 Lyrics

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