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Lady With the Spinning Head Guitar Tablature
LADY WITH THE SPINNING HEAD (extended dance remix)

transcribed by XAVIER CAMPOS  ([email protected])

I was playing this song on my stereo waiting for Pop to be released and
started playing along... please correct/add to (it's not complete).

This bit is the main riff:
e |---------------------|
B |-9b10b9--9--7--5--7--| repeat
G |---------------------|

La la la la la la:
e |-12-----12-----         --12--11--| 
B |--9-h10--9-h10- x3 then ----------| 
G |--9------9-----         ----------|

This is the high pitched siren like sound on remix version: 
e |---------------         -------------------|
B |-14b15b14--12-- x5 then --14b15b14--12-----|
G |---------------         ----------------11-|

Outro bit:
e |-15--14--10--12-12-----| repeat
B |-----------------------|


--9b10b9-- hit 9 bend to 10 then release to 9 (one strike of string).

p.s. tab request: 'With a Shout' and 'One Tree Hill'(live). 
                  oh and 'She's gonna blow your house down'.
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