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Beginner - Easy Riffs Guitar Tablature
tabbed by : blinkfan__182

Ok this is a cool little lick that is good if you want to play bass one day, its called bass strumming

these are the chords you will be needing
 C chord         F chord       G7th chord
e---------     e---1-----    e---1-----
B---1-----     B---1-----    B---------
G---------     G---2-----    G---------
D---2-----     D---3-----    D---2-----
A---3-----     A---x-----    A---3-----
E---x-----     E---x-----    E---------

ok now its time to do some bassing
Pretty much you just move the top finger of the chords up one then back down, then theres a little mini lick to the next chord it goes like this...
fingers in c formation  |  move to F Quick!    |Real quick G7th| back to C

(the bars have nothing to do with what frets you are in, they help you know where your last 2 fingers should in what chords)
It takes a while to get the little jumps from chord to chord, but mainly make sure your 2 fingers that arent doing the base quickly move from chord to chord

Thats it, this is pretty confusing if you are just starting out (which i tabbed this for) but i will try to update it if i can think of a better way to explain it.
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