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2000 Light Years Away Guitar Tablature
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Date: Thu, 05 Mar 1998 09:57:08 -0600
From: Stephen Dranger 
Subject: TAB

Artist: Green Day
Song: 2000 Light Years Away
Album: Kerplunk!

Correction by Stephen Dranger

I decided to correct and format the existing TAB of this song.
Mucho thanks to miller6@aol.com. Follows is the corrected TAB,
plus some bass TAB.

From: miller6@aol.com
Subject: 2000_light_years_away.tab

Here is yet another awesome Green Day song from Kerplunk! that was 
posted in an ftp, but it was missing key parts needed to play the 
song, so I have added them so you can play the whole song. This is 
NOT IN STANDARD TUNING!!! If you want to play it right you HAVE TO 
tune down a half step, because the E is open. NOTE: You do tune down
one half-step, BUT you still play the chord names as if you were in
standard tuning:

B:  x244xx
E:  022xxx
F#: 244xxx
(looks best in Courier)

Intro: B B F# G# F#   Play that 4x for intro

Intro and Verse bass TAB looks like this:

-2--2--2-----------------2-4-|-2--2--2----------------2-4-| repeat,etc.

Verse 1:

  B    F#

I sit alone in my bedroom

B              F#

Staring at the walls

     B       F#

I've been up all damn night long

B                    F#

My pulse is speeding, my love is yearning


G#                   B

I hold my breath and close my eyes	----play-this-twice--------

G#              F#                  ---------------------------

And dream about her...			--34-4-4--34-4-4---------

E             F#              *===	--34-4-4--34-4-4---------

Cause she's 2000 light years away   --12-2-2--12-2-2---------

G#               B                  ---------------------------

She holds my malakite so tight so

A	     F#

Never let go...

E            F#               B B F# G# F# (4x)

Cause she's 2000 light years away

Verse 2:

  B                         F#

I sit outside and watch the sunrise

B                   F#

Lookout as far as I can

  B                         F#

I can't see her, but in the distance

B                    F#

I hear some laughter, we laugh together



Bass plays alone w/ guitar feedback in background 4x
Last time guitar plays lick:

Eb: |------7-----------|
Bb: |---/7---7---------|
Gb: |----------9/11----|
Db: |---------------9/-|

enter lyrics w/bass only:

I sit alone in my bedroom
Staring at the walls
I've been up all damn night long *== harmonics down: E: -21//////////-
My pulse is speeding, my love is yearning 


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