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10 Grains (Chords) Guitar Tablature
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From:   Jan-Albert van Ree [[email protected]]
Sent:   Tuesday, January 06, 1998 1:48 PM

Artist: De Artsen
Song:   10 grains (from their album "Conny waves with a shell"

By Sliver ([email protected])

Use standard tuning, bit of reverb, perhaps some chorus. I used the text
just like it appeared in the CD book, although not always correct ?! De
were the predecessors of Bettie Serveert, a well known ducth band.


C    C    C    C


C                                       F
Dear minister of photography, would you please explain

C                                               F
How come she'll find oranges in your apple tree down memorylane

C                                                          F
She looks somewhat familiar in her apron and her hat, like no one ever

C                                                     F  
This quotation is such to interpret, guess you're the only one


C                      Am         F
She said ten grains is enough for you

C                    Am      F
When sirenes getting hold of you


Now I come to think of, what she really meant
Anyway don't get so wet about this lookalike lament
And I surely wanna take her, ofcourse I wanna take her,
where she's never been
Where pressure people shrink, or just afraid to go to,
somewhere inbetween


C                           Am        F
But she said ten grains is enough for you

C                   Am      F  
When sirens getting hold of you

C                      Am                   F    
Apprehension, I had to dig it ten feet underground

C              Am           F
Final, I still love you somehow


Well the ancient apecall, sense of gloom showing on my screen
Stop this nonsense, stop this nonsense,
don't get fooled by the pityqueen.
Blister on my soul, well that sounds nice, pathetic poem to my girl
Boy, you still haven't grown up, see you dazzling in this women's world



C   F   C   F (repeat and fade)