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030366 lyrics030366 - Fourth Dimension
4th Reich lyrics4th Reich - Dreamspace
Abyss lyricsAbyss - Dreamspace
Against The Wind lyricsAgainst The Wind - Fourth Dimension
Atlantis lyricsAtlantis - Dreamspace
Babylon lyricsBabylon - Episode
Before The Winter lyricsBefore The Winter - Visions
Black Diamond lyricsBlack Diamond - Visions
Chasing Shadows lyricsChasing Shadows - Dreamspace
Coming Home lyricsComing Home - Visions
Distant Skies lyricsDistant Skies - Fourth Dimension
Dreamspace lyricsDreamspace - Dreamspace
Eternity lyricsEternity - Episode
Eyes Of The World lyricsEyes Of The World - Dreamspace
Father Time lyricsFather Time - Episode
Forever lyricsForever - Episode
Forever Free lyricsForever Free - Visions
Full Moon (Japan Bonus Track) lyricsFull Moon (Japan Bonus Track) - Dreamspace
Galaxies lyricsGalaxies - Fourth Dimension
Hold On To Your Dream lyricsHold On To Your Dream - Dreamspace
Legions lyricsLegions - Visions
Lord Of The Wasteland lyricsLord Of The Wasteland - Fourth Dimension
Magic Carpet Ride lyricsMagic Carpet Ride - Dreamspace
Night Time Eclipse lyricsNight Time Eclipse - Episode
Nightfall lyricsNightfall - Fourth Dimension
Paradise lyricsParadise - Visions
Reign Of Terror lyricsReign Of Terror - Dreamspace
Season Of Change lyricsSeason Of Change - Episode
Shattered lyricsShattered - Dreamspace
Speed Of Light lyricsSpeed Of Light - Episode
Stratosphere lyricsStratosphere - Episode
Tears Of Ice lyricsTears Of Ice - Dreamspace
The Abyss Of Your Eyes lyricsThe Abyss Of Your Eyes - Visions
The Kiss Of Judas lyricsThe Kiss Of Judas - Visions
Thin Ice lyricsThin Ice - Dreamspace
Tomorrow lyricsTomorrow - Episode
Twilight Symphony lyricsTwilight Symphony - Fourth Dimension
Uncertainty lyricsUncertainty - Episode
Visions lyricsVisions - Visions
We Are The Future lyricsWe Are The Future - Dreamspace
We Hold The Key lyricsWe Hold The Key - Fourth Dimension
When The Night Meets The Day lyricsWhen The Night Meets The Day - Episode
When The Night Meets The Day (Japan Bonus Track) lyricsWhen The Night Meets The Day (Japan Bonus Track) - Episode
Will The Sun Rise? lyricsWill The Sun Rise? - Episode
Wings Of Tomorrow lyricsWings Of Tomorrow - Dreamspace
Winter lyricsWinter - Fourth Dimension
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